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Reverse Applique Mola Kuna Indians San Blas Islands Panama Hypnotize Gaze yqz

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Welcome to YQZ, Inc! Your Quality Zone Since 1998, we have specialized in bringing the world to you on multiple platforms. On eBay, as one of the Leading Sellers of Antiques, Collectibles and Quirky items. Throughout that time we have maintained a ‘FIVE STAR Detailed Seller Rating’, striving for 100% customer satisfaction, which has been reflected by our 100% positive feedback rating. We are ‘Your Quality Zone’ – search ‘YQZ’ to see our other listings. Note: YQZ® is a registered trademark of YQZ, Inc. and can only be used with the express written permission of YQZ, Inc., or by their associated entities. See Other Listings Reverse Applique Mola Kuna Indians San Blas Islands Panama Hypnotize Gaze Less Than 30 Left of the Mola Collection We ended up with a large collection of Molas from the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands in Panama. We have come to the conclusion that Keith Haring must have based some of his drawings off this old ethnic art. We will be putting them up on and off into the near future, check back regularly for these amazing pieces of tribal ethnic folk art! GOOD LUCK!! In this auction we have what is called Mola Art and the creators of it are the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands on the Panama Coast. This piece to our eyes looks like one of those old hypnotizing pictures that you look at and your eyes glaze over. Of course you may have your own idea of what it could be. The actual panel is approx. 21″ x 17 7/8″. The fabric has faded some with age but we found no holes or tears in the panel. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Below is a description pieced together from a site on the internet. The Mola consists of Sculpture through motif. It consists basically …keep scrolling there are 14 pictures and more description beneath the photos below! Click on any photo to see it in its original size in a separate tab. in a number of different colors of pieces of cloth laid one top of the other, the maker then cutting down through the layers forming primitive and ingenuous designs of natural figures, and mythological or geometric concepts, and then sewing the layers with incredibly small and perfect stitches. Mola designs of motifs may come form a variety of sources. Usually these motifs come from everyday life, observance of nature in all forms, basically what effects daily life, politics and medicine, yet some designs can come from legends, dreams, fantasies or purely imaginative thoughts. They can be abstract or geometric as well as an animal motif. A mola should be enjoyed as a piece of beautiful art work, that comes alive, a design that creates a three-dimensional projections, a design that shows personality and able to express feeling (anger, happiness, sadness). In other words, a Mola should be viewed like a painting, at proper distance of 3 to 8 feet. The obvious criterion in judging the artistic merit of Mola is by the degree or personal sensitivity and imaginative appeal. Generally speaking, one can ask “Does the Mola come to life?” For instance, do the birds fly, the eyes twinkle, the leaves rustle, the water splash, the colors glow –or simply does it charm you? Different, attractive, decorative, Ingenious, unique, are some of the ways to describe this art of great beauty and mysterious origin. The eBay Calculator is not always right – if the shipping looks too high email us and we will give you an accurate quote prior to the auction ending. Estimated shipping weight, (packaged) is 8 oz in a 12 x 10 x 1 box Facts about YQZ, Inc. Headed by our founders Norb & Marie Novocin We have been on eBay since 1998! We have had over 250,000 sales on eBay. YQZ, Inc. has over 44,000 unique positive feedback ratings We maintain a five-star rating and have a 100% Positive feedback, with over 20,000 repeat buyers!! When you are in Your Quality Zone, you can bid with confidence! Please note: We put up a very ecclectic collection of items and are not experts in every area, so descriptions are our best detective work as to what something is. While we research each item to the best of our ability, it is the buyer’s responsibility to know what they are buying. Check back everyday to see our latest offerings! We put YQZ in each of our titles so you can search our items easily. Terms Of Service Selling on eBay has been our primary focus since 1998. We uphold and instill the value of treating all of our customers as if they are family. Our company motto is to “Be courteous, promptly answer e-mails, be fair in all our dealings, and try and make friends of each and every customer.” Unfortunately, in today’s market with eBay’s rating system and the never ending rate increases in the U.S. Postal & other carrier rates, we need to define and explain our methods of business. ONE – Who We Deal With We sell and ship worldwide to anywhere, so please email us for a quote to wherever you happen to be. TWO – Tracking We are required to put tracking on every package, even if it raises the cost of shipping it. THREE – Shipping Charges We charge shipping based on the USPS system. We will sometimes ship via courier if we can get it to you within the same time frame or faster. We add a reasonable cost for materials and handling. Our materials cost is based on exactly what it has cost us to wrap similar sized items in the past. We realize that almost everything we sell is valuable to you and there is nothing worse than having something break in its final journey to your hands. We do our best to pack properly and use the correct materials to protect your win. If we are able to get the item to you for less than our quote we will refund the difference to you! For oversized items or items that will take special attention to package, (building a crate, wrapping many small items individually, etc.), we ask you to email us for a quote on shipping prior to the auction ending. If you do not, we charge the same amount as if you did. FOUR – International Shipping We charge shipping based on the USPS international system. The rates follow the same guidelines as number 3 above, though for international customers we add an additional $1.00 to cover the extra paperwork involved in international shipping. If an amount goes over $100 in value we will only ship it with Priority or Express Mail, regardless how small an item. That allows for us to have international tracking. We have to include tracking even on First Class Mail, so we can not just throw something in an envelope and stick a stamp on it. FIVE – Insurance eBay’s policies no longer allows us to charge the client for insurance. However… we still apply insurance to any item that goes over $27.00 in value. We reserve the right to use the insurance carrier of our choice. Sometimes that is Postal or the Carrier’s Insurance and sometimes that is a private insurance company such as DSI or U-PIC/Shipsurance. If we use a private insurance company the package will not be marked insured, though it will be covered. SIX – Methods of Payment Accepted We abide by eBay’s rules and try and stay abreast of their changes. We accept Paypal. Paypal also accepts the major credit cards, or we also take Credit Cards Directly over the phone, (MC, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, CARTE BLANCHE, DINERS CLUB, JCB) Bottom line, whatever method is most convenient for you. SEVEN – Time Frame To Pay We ask all auctions to be paid for in the fastest possible time frame. (This is all we do for a living and we need the money to pay the bills and buy more unique and fun items to put up on eBay). If an item goes unpaid we report the transaction to eBay to recover our fees, this counts as a strike against the winning bidder unless they step forward and pay. EIGHT – Shipping Time Frame We make every effort to ship in a timely manner. We are listing tons of items, and are just plain swamped, so we have to schedule a special time to pack and ship. We ship on a first paid, first shipped basis. (We do not ship any item until it has been paid and the funds have cleared.) With the ebb and flow of payments we manage to get everything out of the door within one week. If there is a rush, we will make every effort to work with you in getting it out of the door faster. As you can see from our feedback, we do not disappoint. OF COURSE, items that need special attention, crating, etc adds to the time frame of those items. NINE – Local Pickup Sometimes it makes sense to come by and pickup your items. Sometimes an item is just too big for any other option. If you’ve arranged local pickup with us, you must pickup the item within 30 days otherwise it will be subject to storage fees and/or relisting. Storage fees for items begin one month after being won, and the fee consists of $5 per item or 10% of the value, whichever is greater, each month it is stored. If the storage of the item exceeds 11 months or exceeds the overall purchase value, the item will be ours to resell in order to recover the storage fees. TEN – Communication Please feel free to contact us at anytime, with any question or comment. Unless we are out of town, we make an effort to answer all emails as quickly as possible. Follow Us Facebook TwitterCopyright 2019 – YQZ, Inc. – YQZ® – All Rights Reserved.

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