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SBK Gope board #2 Papuan Gulf Papua New Guinea

$140.00 (as of March 6, 2020, 6:22 am)



I start to sell my mostly ethnographic collection (per family request). This is a Gope Board from Papua New Guinea, Papuan Gulf, rare type. Height: 34″, width: 8″. SHIPPING CHARGE IS FOR THE CONTINENTAL US. OTHER DESTINATIONS PLEASE INQUIRE. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: THE QUOTED SHIPPING CHARGE IS WHAT I WILL PAY TO SHIP THE ITEM TO EBAY’S HUB IN KENTUCKY – EBAY WILL CHARGE YOU TO SHIP IT FROM THERE TO YOU UNDER THE GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM. YOU CAN ESTIMATE YOUR ADDITIONAL COST BY ENTERING YOUR COUNTRY AT THE SHIPPING SECTION IN THE LISTING. Please search SBK for my other listings Gope boards are wooden ritual objects made in the Papuan Gulf of New Guinea. They represent spirits which can protect clans from sickness, evil spirits, and death. Small unnamed Gope boards are often given to uninitiated boys, and a full size board is made by the uncle of a boy for his initiation ceremony. Also, warriors are awarded Gope boards for each act of bravery they perform in battle (often made out of the enemies canoe). These Gope boards vary in size, but can be up to six feet long and have a consistent elliptical shape. They are carved in relief and then painted with lime(white) and red ochre and other native paints. Most Gope boards have a similar style and depict the face of an ancestral spirit. Gope boards are also used in raids on other clans and headhunting missions. They are consulted as to which enemy to attack, and the spirits contained in the boards are thought to go ahead of the warriors to sap the enemies of their strength. They are also used to display skulls won in battle. The craftsmanship is beautiful, with a whimsical spirit in the centre of the board surrounded by decorated carvings.Gope boards from are elliptical in shape and incised with brightly colored abstract patterns. Warriors were entitled to have a Gope board for each act of bravery, and a board, from the vanquished enemy’s canoe held particular significance, transferring some of its previous owner’s strength to the victor.Gope boards serve several functions and are a traditional carving from the eastern Papuan gulf only.

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